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Long Story Shorts. 

Dean designed and illustrated this series of six short story collections for Affirm Press. The collections themselves were critically lauded. The series received several awards for the cover designs, appearing in  from Communication Arts and 3x3 Annuals and the Illustrator Australia Awards.


DeanGorissen-Long Story Shorts Covers Affirm Press


The Last Thread.

The Last Thread is Michael Sala’s fascinating life in fiction. From his early years in the Netherlands to growing up in Australia during the 1980s, Michaelis recalls the secret surrounding his estranged Greek father and how scandalous events from the past fractured his family.

From Affirm Press.

Dean Gorissen-The Last Thread Cover Affirm Press

Dean Gorissen-Joyful Strains Cover Affirm Press

Immigration from a variety of cultures and experiences has enriched Australia enormously. Joyful Strains is comprised of twenty seven memoirs from writers describing their expatriation to Australia. It features stories about what they found, who they became and how they now view Australia.

From Affirm Press.


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