Dean’s early work consisted of ducks and clowns, before graduating to more sophisticated themes such as robots, spaceships and super-spies.

His work has appeared in Communication Arts Illustration Annual, 3x3 Illustration Annual, and The Australian And New Zealand Illustration Awards.



Clients include: Opera Australia, Connect, Affirm Press, Reivernet, Hoyne, Penguin Books Australia, Australia Post, The Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s, SilverKris Magazine-Singapore Airlines, ANZIFF-The Institute, VicRail, The Age-Sunday Life Magazine, Tricycle Press, Goldman Sachs JB Were, Mainland Dairies, Heinemann Publishing, McMillan, Coles Myer, Royal Auto Club Victoria, Australian Football League, Australian Council of Trade Unions, Australian Cricket Board, The Big Issue, Carlton & United Breweries, National Australia Bank, Victorian Arts Centre, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Lothian/Hachette, The Law Society Journal of New South Wales, Great Ocean Quarterly, Royal Australian College of Medical Practitioners, Child Magazine.