Sometimes Asked Questions.

Most clients have a pretty thorough understanding of Process, Rates and Rights already. But just in case you've got any queries at all, the following outlines some helpful info for briefing, as well as some likely usage scenarios. 




This can consist of an article only, but it's enormously beneficial for any project to have any initial thoughts and insights you may have. These can be conceptual, colour or positioning and shape.

Up to 3 fairly loose sketches for initial concepts will be provided. It's subjective, but if you don't reckon we got close in the 3, it's likely more direct input from you will be required. And maybe a very strong coffee.

Then, depending on the task, either a more refined rough will be developed or we'll proceed direct to final artwork. If required, one minor revision can be requested.


Publications generally have standard average spot, page and cover rates. Within reason, we're generally fine to go with these for single print use only.

Should an editorial project require an unusually greater effort (for example, illustrating the cast of your favourite sitcom, or a meeting of the G8) a commensurate rate or fee would need to be negotiated.


Once an invoice has been settled, the image/s are automatically licensed for one-off single publication use. The image may be presented online, in the context of its original use only ( ie: with the original article ) for a period of 12 months from invoice. 

Additionally, implicit in the invoice, we warrant not to make the editorial image/s available for re-use by any other competing publication in the same marketplace (ie: national magazines) for a period of 24 months from invoice date, and 12 months from invoice date for other markets. 

If reprint or other reproduction rights are required, a further fee will be negotiated.

The Client may not authorise or licence reproduction or use by any other party, entity, corporation or organisation.

Dean Gorissen Illustration reserves the right to use any image for self promotion purposes from date of publication. Dean Gorissen Illustration also reserves the right to reproduce any editorial image on selected merchandising not less than 120 days from date of publication.


Per international Intellectual Property and Copyright Treaties, Dean Gorissen & Room44 p/l retain full Copyright and Moral Rights in the images created.

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Advertising, Marketing and Design.


We're always happy to estimate.

The more detailed the Brief in terms of content, approach, technique, reproduction size, the easier it is to judge the length of time to produce the work. The more information provided regarding Use, Duration, Market and Client, the greater the accuracy of the estimate. 

Changes or additions to the Brief or the Use will mean changes to the estimate.


For Advertising, Marketing or Design projects, this can consist of a headline or concept layout only, but it's enormously beneficial for a commercial project to have your initial thoughts and insights, and a fairly specific brief in terms of concept, palette, shape, media and, importantly, client and campaign personality. 

Providing style sheets or samples of tone helps pinpoint the approach, whether illustrations produced by Dean Gorissen Illustration, a 1950's record cover, or a modernist table lamp. Lamps are great.


Upon approval of an Estimate, a loose sketch will be produced. Then, depending on feedback, either a more refined rough will be developed prior to final art, or maybe another loose sketch if it wasn't nailed the first time. Generally, up to 3 loose sketches will be produced prior to a refined sketch, though budget and deadline will determine the number of revisions. If it's not close in the 3, it's likely more direct input from you will be required. And maybe a reasonably potent tropical aperitif.

From this refined sketch and any minor feedback that may result in  a revision, (again, budget and deadline will determine the number of revisions) we proceed to final artwork. 

Final Art.

Final Art will be provided as single layer .jpeg or .psd to required resolution. At this stage, it may be possible for some minor alterations to be made within the agreed fee. 


Upon approval of final art, an invoice will be issued. Payment is due 30 days from date of invoice. On full receipt of agreed fee, a Licence for Usage rights will be granted.

Please note, on larger projects, a deposit of not less than 30% of fee will be required on commission. 


Having said all of that, if you already have a fixed budget in mind, please just let us know! We'll try our best to tailor an approach and reach an agreement on usage to suit. For limited budgets, it can save an enormous amount of time all around.

Rights, Licensing and Usage.


As per international treaties, creative work constitutes Intellectual Property. As such, the creator of a work (in this case Dean Gorissen  & Room44 p/l) retains full Copyright and Moral Rights in the images created.

Copyright can be purchased additional to the agreed fee, but as this restricts the ability of Dean Gorissen Illustration to generate further income from the work, this will increase the price of the work substantially.


Accordingly, we recommend a Licence for each project encompassing the use required.

This ensures the client isn't paying significantly more for rights they don't require. And it protects us from producing an image for a fee based on, for example, a specified use as a short term campaign icon becoming a new corporate logo, and thus with an implicitly far greater value, without commensurate remuneration. 

Should usage beyond the licence be required at a later date, we're happy to negotiate a fair and mutually agreeable fee reflecting the value of that added use when the time comes. 


The specific areas of use, in addition to the fulfilment of the creative brief and possible expenses, help determine the fee.

The following are common areas of use. Generally, the more areas of use, the higher the use component fee.

What media will the work appear in?

Press, Magazine, Billboards? 

Point of Sale, Flyers, Direct Marketing?

Television: Free-to-air, Cable/Subscription?

Online (Website, Banner Ads, Social Media, YouTube, Things Yet To Be Invented etc)?

Where in the world?

Local, National, International? 

How Long?

Single Trade Fair, Short term promotion, Long Running Campaign? 6 weeks, 3 Months, 1 year, 2 years?  Longer?

Who is the Client?

A high profile client generally equals greater exposure, which increases the relative value of the work. The reach of The Super-Giant International Co. is significantly further than Uncle Joe's Local Eatery.

If you've any further queries, or require any clarification about any of the above, or even things that aren't any of the above, contact us at , we're always happy to chat.